Disconnect Capitalism from Democracy
Corporations Are Not People & Money Is Not Speech
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NEWS: 2013 HJR29

a new bill

from Congressman Rick Nolan

inspired by Move To Amend

see HJR29 on our

BILLS & AMENDMENTS page item 1.

Our OWS Working Group has one goal -

.... To support the OWS Declaration

........ “a democratic government derives

.......... its just power from the people,

.......... not from corporations”

.... and to do what polls show

.... 80% of Americans want -

......... To get corrupting money out

......... of our political system by passing

......... a Constitutional Amendment that will:

►Reverse the 2010 Supreme Court decision

Citizens United that enabled super-pacs

►Reverse the 1976 Supreme Court decision

Buckley that equated money is speech

►Eliminate the 1886 judicially created

fiction that corporations are people

We will attract candidates to

support an amendment, and

we will attract voters to

support an amendment, and

we will attract voters to support

candidates who support an amendment

feedback, comments & questions please: .

Please join us:

at the 60 Wall Street Atrium NYC

every Wednesday 5:30-7:30 PM

Sites & Contacts:





ADMIN: benoah@optonline.net

ADMIN: ows@ecohearth.com

Twitter: @corpsarentppl

Facebook: CorporationsArentPeople

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